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To apply for Day&Night, fill out the following form. In addition, two of your friends, and your Pastor/Spiritual Leader/Youth Leader need to fill out recommendation forms here:

Everyone who is a part of Day&Night will also receive Bible teaching from "Troens Bevis Bible and Missions Institute" (TBBMI). Therefore we kindly request you to fill out the separate application form for TBBMI at the following link:

1. Carefully answer every question. Applications with unanswered questions will be returned.
2. Every application form is handled confidentially, and every applicant will receive a written answer.
3. Close family members and relatives may not give recommendations. (Neither can other applicants to Day&Night.)
4. You may fill out the form in either English or Norwegian.

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Contact person name (your closest relative)
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IMPORTANT! Before sending your application you should email us a photo of you at *
TO VALIDATE YOUR APPLICATION, SEND NOW your photo at specifying your complete name in the object of the email.